Coronavirus (Covid-19): Latest information and advice.

Advice from Public Health England

Unfortunately we are unable to transport anyone who has or suspects they might have the Virus.
If you have any symptoms and have a job booked, please call 01342 410086 and let us know.

Many of our volunteers are over 70 years of age and are following advice on social distancing.

While restrictions may have reduced and continue to do so we remain with a much reduced number of active volunteers.

Unfortunately this continues to significantly reduce our ability to provide support.

To enable CARE to provide assistance to those in greatest need, please only call if you don’t have a family or a friend that could help, thus enabling us to help those with the greatest need.

Many thanks for your assitance and understanding in these difficult times.

Information and advice are changing frequently, we will review regularly.
Last updated 15th July 2021.