CARE in East Grinstead & Lingfield;
Reduction in Service Provision.

CARE in East Grinstead & Lingfield very much regrets that due to an increased number of requests for transport for hospital appointments we are currently unable to meet the demand for our transport services. Therefore from 20 August 2020 CARE in East Grinstead & Lingfield will be unable to undertake any transport jobs in the local areas of East Grinstead & Lingfield. We have a much reduced pool of volunteer drivers and we will be using them to carry out Hospital Appointments only. Visits to Queen Victoria Hospital will not be included as that is a local journey within East Grinstead & Lingfield.

During the recent lockdown there was very little demand for transport to hospitals but now that the NHS seems to opening up there has been a very big increase in hospital appointments. At the same time we have found that the number of volunteer drivers available to us has greatly reduced by over half. These 2 factors have created a situation where we are finding it impossible to provide sufficient drivers to meet all of our client’s needs. We therefore feel that prioritising the longer distance Hospital appointments makes the most effective use of our limited resources.

We deeply regret having to do this and we will keep the situation under constant review. If we are successful in obtaining additional drivers then at some time in the future we may be able to re-introduce a local transport service. We hope that our clients will be able to find friends or family who can take them locally. Alternatively there are bus and taxi services available.

The “Help Heavy” and “unaccompanied shopping service” remain and are not impacted by this change.

Please keep looking at our website for information in any change this situation at CARE in East Grinstead & Lingfield.

Thank you for your support in the past and I hope you understand the reasons why we have reluctantly withdrawn the local transport services.